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The Luxury Retailing industry has grown at a rapid pace over the past five years, with revenue expected to grow at an annualised 10.2% to $2.1 billion.

While much of the global retailing scene has suffered from instability in financial markets, Australian luxury retailers have been relatively insulated as growing discretionary incomes have fueled consumers’ passion for fashion

Australian Luxury Travel Survey found that 60% of Australians no longer define luxury based on price but rather on attributes like personalisation, authenticity and connectivity. Australia may be considered an expensive country to travel to but offers extraordinary value for money on ‘money can’t buy’ experiences, because of our pristine natural beauty, the scale and diversity of the country, as well as the unexpected food and wine experiences and connections that people can have here.

We’re passionate about the relationships we build with our clients and committed to their success as business partners for life. At Stannards, we believe that it’s the people and heart behind their businesses that are truly important. For more information on how Stannards has provided valuable accounting services to several well-established health, luxury and lifestyle businesses, check out some of our valued client stories below.