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Professor Richard Bittar is an experienced Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon who specialises
in the treatment of spinal conditions, movement disorders and other intracranial conditions.

Professor Bittar was the first spinal surgeon in Victoria to carry out robotic spinal surgery, deep
brain stimulation for Tourette’s, MR-guided focussed ultrasound for tremor, and stereotactic
radiosurgery for brain tumours. He is the only neurosurgeon in Australia who performs MR-
guided focussed ultrasound for pain.

Professor Bittar is a Clinical Professor at Deakin University, a highly regarded medico legal
examiner, with a wealth of experience in assessing workers compensation, transport accident,
public liability and medical negligence claims. He remains very active clinically, surgically and

Stannards innovation.

Stannards have expertise in the Medical & Dental industries. Working closely alongside
Professor Bittar and his team, using our smart strategic forecasting, tax and succession
planning to help boost profitability and reach targeted business goals. Stannards is consistently
keeping up to date with key tax issues to consider for medical practitioners operating in medical
centres, including payroll tax, and superannuation.