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Chin Chin, Baby Pizza, Kong, GoGo Bar and Hawker Hall are just a few of the notable Lucas Restaurants. Melbourne + Sydney venues so popular they seem to have magic dust sprinkled on them, but the truth behind their success is perhaps more surprising, and certainly more calculated.

Melbourne is the food capital of Australia because of innovative foodies like Chris Lucas and his team at Lucas Restaurants

Their no bookings policy helps, making demand more constant and even. There’s good systems and workplace culture, and of course there’s Chris Lucas himself.

Stannards innovation.

Stannards have been advising with Chris Lucas and his team across all venues to create an operational flow with the single focus of being a hyper profitable business. Stannards looked at the day-to-day budgeting, cash-flow, and staffing wage thresholds to maintain compliance. Our smart strategic forecasting, tax and succession planning has helped Lucas Restaurants boost their profitability and reach targeted business goals.