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The KOR business is a team of proven industry professionals in hydro excavation, waste recovery, drain cleaning and vacuum loading. The team holds a wealth of multiple-industry experience, supported by Cappellotto, the global leader in vacuum recovery and high pressure water jetting technology. 

KOR Equipment Solutions is the exclusive distributor of the Italian Cappellotto best in class products. KOR partners with some of the leading international manufacturers to provide world class industrial equipment and accessories across Australia and New Zealand. 

Stannards innovation.

KOR Equipment solutions have been in partnership with Stannards since 2011.Stannards have contributed to the maintenance of a sound relationship between KOR and their parent equipment supplier Cappellotto. Financial insights and delivery of timely financial data allow the international company to be fully functional across the Australian operation.

Through direct collaboration, Stannards were able to introduce two successful clients to join forces and create a larger, more versatile and successful business with KOR.

The company has recently established a board of management that involves us playing a pivotal role through business advisory services. We oversee the performance of the business, strategic decision making, the opening of new markets and core business development, working capital management, corporate governance and more.