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Stannards has been working with one of Australia’s largest professional facade installation company’s in the world since 2007.

Helping grow profitability by 35% in just 3 years takes a super trusted advisory partnership

Keystone Installations Pty Ltd was established in 1987 to provide a professional facade installation contracting service. Keystone is recognised in the Melbourne market of commercial aluminium facade installations as a contractor of highest quality work. They have been recognised as facade installers for some of the best Global and Australian aluminium curtain wall manufacturers.

Stannards innovation.

Stannards have utilised our expertise in the building and construction industry to achieve 3 key milestones for Keystone Installations

Firstly, through a high scalable period, Stannards has assisted Keystone Installations to grow its profitability by 35% over the last 3 years. In doing so, we have implemented and streamlined the payroll processes for over 75 employees. This single act has helped provide efficiencies and savings across the entire business. In addition, Stannards have increased the founding family’s wealth by more than $5 million over the last 4 years.

Stannards have become our trusted advisor. After working with them for over a decade, we have built an incredible partnership. Their commitment to helping us grow in all aspects of the business is evident in Keystone being one of biggest facade installers in Victoria

Keystone Installers