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Management Consulting and Forensic Accounting Services

At Stannards, we have a team of management consulting and forensic accounting specialists who provide investigative and other services including those detailed below:


  • Business Valuations
  • Corporate Risk Analysis
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Business Re-engineering
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Family Law Investigations
  • Loss of Profits Claims
  • Litigation Support

Client need

  • Determine appropriate purchase/sales price of a business and assist in settlement of the transaction
  • Determine whether a particular investment or funding strategy maximises returns and/or minimises risks
  • To satisfy vendor/purchaser/ franchising requirements in contracts of sale and/or satisfy Corporations Act requirements
  • To streamline the operation of a business such that it operates most effectively
  • To quantify defalcations and represent clients in court as expert witnesses
  • Assist in the distribution of property and all other assets in the event of a marriage breakdown
  • Assist with insurance claims
  • Provide expert financial advice in a Court of Law

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